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Drownings at Cullercoats, 1848
A List of Relief Fund Subscribers

Compiled by Kelvin Wilson

"1st February 1848.-A melancholy occurrence happened this morning off Cullercoats. As a coble, containing seven fishermen, viz, George Lisle and Robert Lisle, brothers, Robert Lisle and George Lisle, sons of the above George Lisle; Robert Clark, James Stocks. and Charles Pearson, was proceeding from Cullercoats to the several vessels lying in the offing, the boat was struck by a heavy sea, and the unfortunate men were thrown overboard and drowned, in the sight of their relatives and friends. The most lamentable fate was that of Stocks. He was a bold swimmer, and though he was washed off the coble bottom several times always got back to it. The last time he was on the coble he stripped off his jacket and waistcoat and prepared to swim ashore, as the coble had then approached the rocks. He was so near that his brother shouted to him, "Jim, swim ashore," Stocks answered, "I'm done, I'm done," and, after combating awhile with the sea, he hung his head and sunk. Much commiseration was felt in the district for the sufferers, who were well known, and respected by everybody. A subscription was afterwards set on foot for the relief of the families of the deceased men, and a very handsome sum was speedily collected, and distributed according to the separate wants of each. (From T.Sykes 'Local Records Vol 3' 1867)"
From several sources Kelvin Wilson has compiled a list of names of subscribers to the relief fund mentioned above and would welcome any additional information on any of the persons mentioned - in exchange for which he will supply further details of the subscription - the sum, how it was collected and the source of the information. Kelvin can be contacted at

Unless otherwise stated, all subscribers were resident in Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Adamson, George and Sons
Solicitors, 44 Westgate street

Airey, Robert
Gentleman, Jesmond villas

Akenhead, David
Gentleman, 1 St. Thomas terrace, North road

Akenhead, John and Robert
Booksellers, printers, & stationers, 31 Sand hill; h. High street, Gateshead

Alexander, J.B.

Alexander, Thomas
Gentleman, 4 East Percy Street, North Shields

Anderson, John
Banker, Coxlodge Hall

Anderson, Joseph
Farmer, Marden farm, New Whitley

Anderson, Robert
South Shields

Anderson, Robert
Sub-agent, branch Bank of England, 13 Grey Street

Anderson, William Junior
Coal fitter, coke manufacturer, agent for Whitley lime works, and Heddon Iron Buck Co., 33 Quay Side (house: 1 Lovaine Terrace)

Arkwright, Eustace
Sprowston, Norwich

Arkwright, Robert

Armstrong, Hugh Clayton
Timber merchant, Northumberland Street

Armstrong, William
(1777-1857), Barras Bridge

Atkinson, George

Atkinson, J.H.H.

Atkinson, Thomas
North Shields

Atkinson, W.H.
South Shields

Atkinson, William
Rector of Gateshead-Fell, Durham

Ayre, John

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Bainbridge, Emerson Muschamp
Draper, silk mercer, Shield Field

Baker, Thomas
Official assignee, 57 Grey Street (house: 7 Carlton Place)

Bartleman & Crightons
Bull Ring Wharf & Northumberland Brewery, North Shields

Beckwith, J.W.

Beckwith, Mary
29 Eldon Street

Bell, Jane & Dorothy
Teachers, 9 East Percy Street

Bell, Mary
(c. 1807-1886), grocer, Cullercoats

Bell, Thomas
(c. 1804-1869), grocer, Cullercoats

Bell, Thomas
Druggist, South Shields (house: Jarrow)

Benson, W.H.

Bigge, Matthew Robert
Banker, 31 Market Street

Bilton, Edward
Merchant, 21 Quayside (house: High Swinburne-Place)

Blackwell, John and Co.
Printers and publishers of the "Courant" Newspaper, 54 Pilgrim Street (house: 14 Ellison Place)

Blakney, J.T.

Boldeman, Borries, & Co.

Bowes, Thos. Rooman
Gentleman, 8 Huntingdon Place

Bragg, Charles and Co.

Bramley, John M.D.
Dockwray Square

Brighton, R.G.

Brooksbank, (Major)

Brown, Ann
(c. 1781-?), grocer, Cullercoats

Brown, John

Brown, John
(c. 1812-?), grocer, Cullercoats

Brown, Martin
Scaffold Hill

Brown, (Mr.)
Overseer, Newbiggin by the Sea

Bruce, John Collingwood
(1805-1892), day and boarding academy, 80 Percy Street

Bulman, Ann
9 Ellison Place

Bulmer, (Mrs.)
Gateshead Park

Burdon-Sanderson, Richard
(1791-1865), West Jesmond

Burn, (Mr.)

Burnett, (the Misses)

Burnup, (Mrs.)
Barras Bridge

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Cail, Richard
Joiner and builder, 36 Northumberland Street, and 53 Percy Street

Caldwell, James
Linen and woollen draper, 2 Cloth Market

Carmon, H.J.B.
Victualler, George Inn Commercial Hotel and posting house, 139 Pilgrim Street

Carr, Isabella
31 Eldon Street

Carr, James (Reverend), A.M.
Incumbent of St. Hilda's, 1 Ogle Terrace, South Shields

Carr, John
Coal owner, 38 Quay Side (house: Roseworth Cottage)

Charleton, Elizabeth
13 Low Claremont Place

Charlton, William
Teacher, Blyth

Chaters, Mr

Clark, (Miss)
Hutchinson's Buildings, North Shields

Clarke and Dunn
Wharfingers, 76 Quay Side

Clayton, John

Clayton, Matthew

Clayton, (Miss)

Clayton, Richard (Reverend)
(1802-1856), M.A. Chaplain of St. Thomas's

Coates, (Mrs.)
North Shields

Coates, Peter
North Shields

Cookson, William
Colour manufacturer, Westend of the Close, Benwell

Coulson, John
Eldon Street

Coward, Jane
15 Shieldfield

Coward, (Miss)
"late of Preston"

Coxon, Thomas
North Shields

Cram, George William
Solicitor, 21 Dean Street (house: 41 Eldon Street)

Cresswell, Addison John Baker
Hall, Cresswell

Cresswell, O.A.B.

Cuthbert, (Miss)

Cuthbert, William Junior

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Dale, Henry
Solicitor, 1 Allendale Terrace, Tynemouth

Dale, James
Ship broker, 48 Cumberland Row

Dale, John

Dale, Peter
North Shields

Dawson, Robert
South Shields

Dixon, Dixon
Coal owner, Long Benton and Unthank

Dixon, John
Ship Inn, Bank Top, Cullercoats

Dodd, James Philip (Dr.)
Grove Academy, Albion Street, North Shields

Donkin, Armourer
Solicitor, Jesmond

Donkin, James
North Shields

Donkin, (the Misses)
Eldon Street

Dunn, George Thomas
Wine merchant, Bath House

Dunn, Henry
Farmer and ship owner, Monkseaton

Dunn, Joseph
Butcher and fellmonger, Monkseaton

Dunn, William
Solicitor, Bath House

Dunn, William Alder
Linen and woollen draper, silk mercer, 3 Victoria Terrace

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Eddowes, James
South Shields

Ellison, Cuthbert
Hebburn Hall

Ellison, Nathaniel
(1786-1861), Morton house, Fence Houses

Ellison, Peregrine George
Solicitor, Royal Arcade (house: 84 Percy Street)

Evans, (Mrs.)

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Featherstone, (Mrs.)
Eldon Street

Fenwick, John

Fife, (Miss & Mrs.)

Finlay, James
Bookseller, 7 Summerhill-Terrace

Forrest, Thomas
15 Wellington Street, South Shields

Forster, (Mrs.)
Ellison Place

Forster, William J.
Gentleman, Front Street, Tynemouth

Forsyth, Thomas
South Shields

Fowles, (or Fowler) M. (Mr.)
Employee of Lloyd's, North Shields

Frost, M.
North Shields

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Gibson, (Mrs.)
Northumberland Street

Gilpin, Benjamin

Gilpin, James
Chemist, druggist, and soda water manufacturer, 53 Pilgrim Street

Glover, M.
North Shields

Graham, Elizabeth
Shopkeeper, 88 Percy Street

Graham, (Mrs.)
Eldon Square

Gray, Andrew
Merchant, 8 Side (house: 2 High Jesmond Terrace)

Green, J.

Greene, George
Tanner, Windmill Hills, Gateshead

Greenhow, Headlam C.
Surgeon, 8 Tynemouth Place, Tynemouth

Greenwell, William
Cullercoats (related to Daniel Greenwell, shipowner)

Grote, Joseph
Agent of the Branch Bank of England, 13 Grey Street

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Van Haansbergen William John
Merchant, 58 Quay Side (house: 15 Leazes Terrace)

Haigh, Frances C. (Miss)
2 Front Street, Tynemouth

Haigh, (Mr. and Mrs.)

Haldane, (Reverend)

Hall, Matthew Junior

Hallows, Thomas
Glaswell Hall, Derbyshire

Hardcastle, William
Floor cloth manufacturer, 11 St. John's lane

Hardcastle, William
Surgeon, 45 Westgate Street

Harper, John
Grocer, Whitley

Harper, William
South Shields

Harrison, Charles Anderson
Quarry agent, Whitley

Hawks, George Hawks

Hedley, James
Merchant, 32 Broad Chare (house: 8 Portland Place)

Henderson, Sebastian
Grocer and tea dealer, 14 Market Street (house: 8 Wesley Street)

Heslop, William
Victualler of the "Golden Tiger", 143 Pilgrim street

Higgins, (Mr.)

Hind, Henry

Hindhaugh, Nathaniel
Coal agent, 1 Jesmond High Terrace

Hodge, Rowland
Ship owner, 5 St. James' Street

Hodgson, George
Garden House, Cullercoats

Hodgson, James
(1793-1867), printer, 32 Eldon Street

Hodgson, John

Hodgson, Richard Wellington
(1812-1885), ship owner, Walker Terrace, Gateshead

Hodgson, Thomas
(1785-1850), printer, 23 Groat Market

Hood, Anthony
Timber merchant and coal fitter, 21 Broad Chare

Houseman, John (Dr.)
Surgeon, 60 Percy Street

Howett, Titus
Landlord of the "Salutation Inn", Front Street, Tynemouth

Hulsenbos, Harrison and Co.
General merchants and coal fitters, 3 Broad Chare

Humble, Mary
Lodging house keeper, 5 Front Street, Tynemouth

Hume, Elizabeth
Fruiterer, 26 Northumberland Street

Hurt, (Miss)
Alderwasley, Derbyshire

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Ilderton, Sanderson
4 Ellison Place

Ingham, Robert

Innes, (Mr.)
Secretary to the Tyne Wrecked Mariners' Home

Irvin, William
Master mariner, Chapel Street, Tynemouth

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Jack, Archibald (Reverend)
Vicar of St. Andrew's Chapel, North Shields

Jackson, Collingwood Forster
Merchant and copperas manufacturer, 37 Quay Side (house: 34 Eldon Street)

James, Thomas

Johnson, George
South Shields

Johnson, R.

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Kawuishy, E.F.

Kemble, ?
(the wife of Robert Arkwright and the daughter of the actor George Stephen Kemble), Sutton.

Kemp, Eleanor (Miss)
10 Lovaine Place

Kendall, William (Reverend)

Killingworth, Colliery (the owners of)

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Laing, John
Secretary to the Water Company, 2 Walker Place, North Shields

Laing, Phillip

Lamb, J.C.

Lambert, George Anthony
Solicitor, 19 Dean Street (house: 11 Shieldfield)

Lambert, J.C.

Lambert, Mark
Printer, 69 Grey Street

Lambert, Mark William
Printer, 69 Grey Street

Lambton, W.H.

Latimer, George H. (Reverend)
Curate of Tynemouth

Laws, C.U.

Lee, John

Leitch, William
School teacher, 5 Albion Street, North Shields

Leslie, James

Leslie, John
North Shields

Liddell, Caroline Elizabeth
(née Barrington, died 1890, daughter of Viscount Barrington and wife of Thomas Liddell, 1800-1856)

Liddell, Henry George
Rector of Easington, Durham (died 1872, the younger brother of Thomas Henry Liddell 1775-1855, Baron Ravensworth, and grandfather of Alice Pleasance Liddell of "Alice in Wonderland" fame)

Liddell, Henry Thomas
(1797-1878 the eldest son of Thomas Henry Liddell 1775-1878, Baron Ravensworth)

Liddell, Thomas
(1800-1856 the second son of Thomas Henry Liddell 1775-1878, Baron Ravensworth)

Liddell, Thomas Henry
Baron Ravensworth (1775-1855)

Linskill, (Miss)
Tynemouth Lodge

Lister and Son
Watchmaker, 4 St. Thomas Terrace, North Road

Losh, Wilson and Bell
Proprietors of the Walker iron works and foundry

Lowes, J.
Sandyford Lane

Lowrey, Stephen
Mayor of Newcastle

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Mackey, (Mr.)

Maltby, Edward Maltby
(1770-1859), Bishop of Durham

Manchester, Ratcliffe Thomas (Captain)
1 Ellison Place

Marley, John

Marshall, T.D.
South Shields

Mather, (Miss)
Barras Bridge

Mather, William
5 Eldon Square

Maughan, William (Reverend)
Curate of St. John's, Benwell

May, J.B.

Medcalf, Richard
North Shields

Metclaf, George
North Shields

Miller, William
Victualler, Queen's Head Inn (White Hart Inn?), 7 Cloth Market

Milner, (Miss)
Mosley Street

Mitcalfe, Henry

Moody, Daniel Gorwood
Fruit merchant, 77 Quayside (house: Adelaide Place)

Morrison, James
Coal owner, 32 Quayside (house: 1 Grasham Place)

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Naters, Dorothy
(died 1874), Bridge House, Cullercoats

Ness, John
South Shields

New Friendly Ship Club

Nichol, Anthony
Chemist, 22 Quayside (house: Shieldfield)

Northumberland and Durham District Bank

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Orde, Charles William

Ormston, John
Wharfinger, ship and insurance broker, 58 Quay side (house: 46 Cumberland Row)

Ormston, Robert
Glass manufacturer, 5 Saville Street

Orwin, Sadler (Mr.)
North Shields

Oxley, Thomas
Parish clerk, 101 Church Way, North Shields

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Palmer, Charles Mark (Sir)
Shipowner and - builder

Paxton, John
South Shields

Pearson, (Mrs.)
Jesmond Terrace

Pearson, Robert
Coal fitter, 28 Quayside (house: 43 Leazes Terrace)

Pearson, Robert
Presumably a pilot or a realtion of pilots, South Shields

Pearson, William
Pilot master, Coble Landing, South Shields

Peart, Robert
North Shields

Percy, Algernon
(1792-1865) Duke of Northumberland

Phillipson and Hare
Bank, North Shields

Phillipson, George Hare
Coach harness manufacturer, 93 Pilgrim Street

Pollard, James

Pollard, Joseph

Powell, Henry (Captain)
12 St. Mary's Place

Pratt and Potts

Prior, A.L.

Proctor, William
Chemist and druggist, 6 Grey Street (house: Elswick Villas)

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Reed, Christophe
Vicar of Tynemouth

Reed, (Mr. or Mrs.)

Reed, Stephen
Solicitor and coroner for the county of Northumberland, 65 Northumberland Street.

Richardson and Coxon
Wholesale and retail linen and woollen drapers, silk mercers and lacemen, 31 Mosley Street.

Richardson, H.
4 Union Street

Richardson, Jonathan

Richardson, (Mrs.)
Summerhill Grove

Richmond, (Mrs.)

Ritchie, James
South Shields

Rively, William
Grocers and tea dealers, 60 Groat Market (house: Westmoreland Terrace)

Robinson, Mary
17 Northumberland Street

Robson, E.
Mosley Street

Robson, John
South Shields

Robson, William (Captain)

Rogers, Arthur and Co.
Wholesale and retail grocers and tea dealers, Grainger Street

Ross, Metcalf
(died 1858), printer, 48 Pilgrim Street (house: 33 Law Villa Place)

Roxby, J.W.
South Shields

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St. John's Sunday School

Sewell, Joseph
Broad and crown glass manufacturer, Heaton

Sharp, Cuthbert
(Sir, 1781-1849)

Shepperdson, T.R.

Shields, John

Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners Benevolent Society

Sidney, (Mr.), J.P.

Sillick, John

Sims, James

Sims, William
South Shields

Smith, Hannah
Victualler, Bacchus, 49 Newgate Street

Smith, Noel Thomas, M.D.
48 Westgate Street

Smith, Percy

Smith, Thomas
Ship builder, St. Peter's Quay (house: High Gosforth House)

Smith, William
Ship builder, St. Peter's Quay (house: Benton House)

Sopwith, John

Southern, George

Sowerby, Thomas
Coal fitter, 39 Quayside (house: Saltwell Vale, Gateshead)

Sparrow, M.

Spencer, J.
North Shields

Spencer, James

Stable, George Waugh
Solicitor (house: 44 Eldon Street)

Stainton, Thomas M.
Iron and brass founder, South Shields

Staniford, Frances
Merchant, 43 Eldon Street

Stevens, W.H.

Stokoe, Samuel
Wine and spirit merchant, Close (house: 1 Low Claremont Place)

Storey, Elsdon

Storey, (Mrs.)
Albion Street, North Shields

Storey, William
Master mariner, Holliday place, Tynemouth

Strachan, John
Brewer, maltster, wine, spirit and port merchant, Barras Bridge Brewery, Sandyford Lane (house: Jesmond Villas), or Strachan John Pawnbroker, 7 Rosemary Lane

Stracy, (family)
Sprowston, Norwich

Strutt, John
Bridge Hill, Derbyshire

Strutt, (Miss)
Bridge Hill, Derbyshire

Swan, Robert William
Coal agent, 30 Quayside (house: 38 Eldon Street)

Swanston, William
Merchant, 47 Quayside (house: 3 Rye Hill)

Swinburne, Robert Walter
Glass manufacturer, Cleadon Cottage, South Shields

Swinburne, Thomas James
Glass manufacturer, 8 Ogle Terrace, South Shields

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Tappenden, Frederick William
Solicitor, Wellington Place (house: 13 Lovaine Place)

Taylor, Hugh
(1791-1868) Coalowner, Earsdon

Taylor, (the Misses)

Taylor, Thomas

Taylor, Thomas John
(1811-1861), Earsdon

Thompson, Robert

Thompson, William
Queen's Head Inn, Cullercoats

Thorburn, E.E.

Tinley, John
(1788-1862), solicitor, Dockwray Square, North Shields

Tinley, John Thomas Brown
(c. 1815-1854), solicitor, Dockwray Square, North Shields

Todd, John

Tulley, Andrew
King's Arms, 62 Clive Street, North Shields

Tullock, Benjamin
Surgeon, New Bridge Street

Tyne, Wrecked Mariners Home

Tyzack, George S.
Anchor manufacturer, North Shields

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Wake, R.

Wakeley, James
Official assignee, 111 Pilgrim Street

Walker, William Hague
Iron founder, 83 Percy Street (house: 8 Low Claremont Place)

Wallace, Thomas
South Shields

Wallis, Robert
South Shields

Ward, (Dr.)

Watson, John Thomas
Farmer, Spital House, North Seaton

Watson, W. Junior

Watson, William
Hall, North Seaton

Watt, John
Flour dealer (or baker), 7 Argyle Street

Weatherly, James Dent
(1777-1864), sheriff

West, (Mr.)

Wheatley, Henry
South Shields

Wheatley, John
South Shields

Wheatley, Matthew
Iron merchant, Shieldfield

White, David Blair M.D.
6 Portland Place

White, G.N.
South Shields

White, John
South Shields

White, Thomas
South Shields

Whitelock, M.

Willis, (Mrs.)
Dolphin Inn, North Shields

Wilson, Robert
South Shields

Winter, George
Link House Farm

Winterbottom, Thomas Masterman, M.D.
Westoe, South Shields

Wood, (Mrs.)

Wylam, (Mrs.)

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Young, E.
Gentleman, North Shields

Young, James
South Shields

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