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Location of Newcastle, St
The location of the Parish of Newcastle, St Nicholas (shown in green).

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"The Church of St. Nicholas, an ancient and beautiful edifice, situated in the parish to which it gives its name, was founded in the year 1091, by Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury, Earl of Dorset, a follower of William the Conqueror. ... The original church was burnt down in 1216, and rebuilt in 1359, since which period it has been frequently repaired and beautified: it is now a magnificent structure, situated on the crown of a bold eminence, which rises abruptly from the river nearly to the centre of the town. ... The steeple of this church is a very ingenious specimen of architecture. It is sixty-four yards high, and consists of 13 pinnacles, and two bold stone arches supporting a large and beautiful lantern, crowned with a tall spire." [From History, Directory, and Gazetteer, of the Counties of Durham and Northumberland, Parson, William and White William. Newcastle 1827.]


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