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Location of Newcastle, St
The location of the Parish of Newcastle, St Andrew (shown in green).

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"ST ANDREW'S CHURCH is situated on the west side of Newgate-street, and is traditionally asserted to be the oldest church in Newcastle; its erection being ascribed to David, the church and abbey building monarch of Scotland. Its style of architecture seems to have been originally Norman, but, as a whole, the building has been much modified by frequent alterations and repairs. We find this church mentioned as early as 1218, and in 1280 the judges held their courts in this edifice. It subsequently underwent extensive repairs, but it suffered so much during the siege of Newcastle, in 1644, that there was a cessation of service within its walls for more than a year. The tower of this church is low in proportion to its height, but it is thought too have been different before the siege just alluded to, when it, in common with the chancel, sustained great injury. ... The register commences in 1597." [From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland, Whellan, 1855]


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