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The location of the Parish of Kirkwhelpington (shown in green).

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"KIRK WHELPINGTON is a parish, comprising the townships of Bavington (Great), Capheaton, Catcherside, Coldwell, Crogdean, Fawns, Hawick, Kirk Whelpington, and Whelpington (West). It is bounded by the parishes of Elsdon, Hartburn, Corsenside, and Thockrington, and comprises an area of 13,351 acres, The population in 1801, was 714; in 1811, 814; in 1821, 793; in 1831, 789; in 1841, 705; and in 1851, 679 souls. The township of Hawick was given to this parish in 1847, in exchange for the townships of Little Harle and West Harle, which were transferred to Kirk Harle parish. This extensive district consists principally of moorlands, which, however, afford excellent pasturage for sheep and cattle, and in some parts of the parish the soil is well suited for the purposes of the dairy The salubrity of the atmosphere in this part of the country is much celebrated, and instances of longevity are not at all uncommon." [From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland, Whellan, 1855].


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