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Location of Ingram
The location of the Parish of Ingram (shown in green).

[View a zoomable and navigable Map of the Area provided by Bing.]
"INGRAM is a parish, comprising the three townships of Fawdon, Clinch, and Hartside; Ingram, Linop, and Greenshaw Hill; and Reavealey. It is bounded by the parishes of Alnham, Eglingham, Ilderton, and Whittingham, and comprises an area of 11,304 acres. The number of inhabitants in 1801 was l71; in 1811, 180; in 1821, 228; in 1831, 205; in 1841, 220; and in 1851, 198 souls. This district, which is very irregular, mountainous and picturesque is very thinly peopled, and is intersected by the river Breamish." [From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland, Whellan, 1855].


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