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Location of Eglingham
The location of the Parish of Eglingham (shown in green).

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"EGLINGHAM parish is bounded on the north by Glendale Ward, on the west by the parishes of Ingram and Ilderton, on the south by Alnwick, Edlingham, and Whittingham parishes, and on the east by Bambrough Ward. It is about nine miles in length, by four and a half in breadth, and comprises an area of 23,361 acres. Its population in 1801, was 1,536; in 1811, 1,538; in 1821, 1,666; in 1831, 1,805; in 1841, 1,832; and in 1851, 2,000 souls. It comprises 16 townships, which exhibit a great variety of soil and scenery, from the sterile moor to the fertile and highly cultivated valley, and possesses a mineral spring, tinctured with sulphuric acid, which issues from an old drift for the draining of coalpits; as also a lake covering nine acres, called Kimmer Lough, abounding in perch and pike, the latter of which attain to a great size. There are some vestiges of British and Roman encampments, and the ruins of an old border tower. Lime freestone, and coal are abundant in this parish." [From History, Topography, and Directory of Northumberland, Whellan, 1855].


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