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Seaton Sluice, or Seaton Delaval, is a small sea-port and township in the parish of Earsdon, in Castle ward, about three miles and a half south of Blyth, and is remarkable for its harbour, which is considered a great curiosity, being completely the work of art; the entrance to it from the German ocean is by a deep canal, cut out of solid rocks, and guarded by immense locks. Vessels of three hundred tons burthen can lay here completely sheltered from all winds, beneath high grounds, by which this dock is surrounded. The coal trade here is the chief business, besides which there are extensive bottle works, belonging to Messrs. Carr and Co. and a large brewery of Messrs. Jobling and Co. About a mile to the west is Delaval park, the property of Sir Jacob Astley; the hall was destroyed by fire, together with a greater part of the splendid furniture, on the 3rd of January, 1822, and it remains now in ruins. In 1821, 240 inhabitants formed the population of this township, but the number has increased since that period to nearly 400 persons.

Post Office

Walter Nichol, postmaster.
Letters to North Shields are despatched by Mail cart every aftern. at four in winter, and 5 in summer, and arrive every morng. at 10.

Gentry & Clergy

Astley, Sir Jacob. Seaton Delaval park
Clark, Wm., esq.. Benton hall
Drydon, Mrs. Eliz..
Jobling, John, esq.. Seaton lodge
King, Rev. Wm. C.. Backworth house
Ochelrie, Chas. (surgeon).

Inns, Taverns & Public Houses

Blue Bell, Jas. Murton
Delaval's Arms, John Hepple
Duke of Cumberland, Robt. Stoker
King's Arms, Walter Nichol
Ship, Geo. Wood

Ship Owners

Bell, George
Bell, Roger
Bell, T.R.W.
Davidson, Robt..
Dryden, John
Dryden, Thomas
Dryden, George
Jobling, Jas. & Co.
Jobling, John
Lynn, Matthew
Oxley, Stephen
Tate, Jane
Taylor, Philip
Taylor, Thomas

Shopkeepers & Traders

Allen, George, painter, etc.
Barnes, Isab., shopkeeper
Bell, Geo., butcher
Berry, John, grocer, draper & baker
Blake, John, tailor
Cairns, Robt., tailor
Carr, John & Co., coal owners, merchants & bottle manufacturers - John Jobling, agent
Cowans, Robt., tailor
Crass, Jn., boot & shoemaker
Davidson, Robt., shoemaker
Dixon, Wm., butcher
Fisher, Dan., hair dresser
Forster, Matt., baker
Frasor, Wm., shoemaker
Hymans, Thos., grocer
Jobling, Crasswell & Co., brewers, maltsters, & hop and spirit merchants
Lilly, Martha, grocer and draper
Lynn, Matthew, boot & shoemaker
Owens, Jas., cooper
Somerville, Smart, stone mason and harbour master
Taylor, Joseph, grocer and draper
Taylor, Wm., miller & baker
Temple, Wm., school master
Weatherhead, George, blacksmith


To Newcastle: Robt. Brunton, Matthew Laws and Joseph Taylor, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
To North Shields: William Brady and William Taylor, daily.

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