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from Whellan's Directory

Post Office, West Holywell

James Thompson, postmaster.
Letters arrive from Newcastle at 9.45 am and are despatched thereto at 6.25 pm.

Brown, Ralph. Underviewer, West Holywell.
Dixon, Thomas. Gardener, Holywell.
Hedley, John. Cashier, West Holywell.
Hann, Robert. Underviewer, East Holywell Colliery. Ho. Blue House Farm.
Stevenson, Jas.. Schoolmaster, West Holywell.

Boot and Shoemakers

Charlton, William. Holywell.
Clark, Henry. Seaton Terrace.


Barras, Cuthbert. Vict., Victoria New Inn, Seaton Terrace.
Carr, J.. Seaton Terrace.
Dixon, Thos. Hunter. Holywell.
Marshall, R. Holywell.


Meek, R. Holywell.
Sankey, Stephen. Holywell Grange.
Smith, Hannah. Fenwick's Close.
Smith, John. Fenwick's Close.
Smith, William. Bank Top.

Grocers and Flour Dealers

English, Edward. Seaton Terrace.
Jeffrey, W.. Holywell.
Smith, Geo.. Seaton Terrace.
Tait, William. Seaton Terrace.
Temperley, John. Holywell.
Thompson, Jas.. West Holywell.

Inns and Taverns

Fat Ox Inn, John Ellerington, Holywell.
Half Moon, R. Marshall, Holywell.
Prince Albert Inn, Sarah Elliott, Seaton Terrace.
Victoria New Inn, Cuthbert Barras, Seaton Terrace.

Joiners and Cartwright

Pringle, Eleanor. Holywell.

Smith and Agricultural Implement Maker

Roger, James. Holywell.


Bodger, Matthew. Seaton Terrace.
Bryce, John. Seaton Terrace.
Dawson, James. Merchant Tailor, Holywell.
Harrison, James. Seaton Terrace.

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