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by Carol Minson - 16th March 2010

My research, following on from some work by Lila Pardon, shows that a John Whitfield, Freestone Mason of Hexham, and his wife Emma had 10 children in 10 years, but only one lived to maturity, the others died in infancy. Their mother died with the birth of the 10th child.

I have not made a demographic study of the number of Whitfield children who have come from that one lone THOMAS WHITFIELD b 1690, but I've thought about it. I now have over 500 Whitfield names in my computer which I believe are related to me in one way or another (not including spouses) and I think it's likely those 500 are mostly down lines from that one Thomas Whitfield. This, of course, needs detailed verification.

John Whitfield workplace may not have been the kind of Stone Mason's Yard pictured by Canaletto. However, thoughts of that wonderful picture have spurred me on. It is memorable!

This table shows the 10 children of John and Emma Whitfield:

John ? 12 Sep 1684  
Hannah 6/7 Aug 1684 27 Aug 1685 d at one year
Robert 3 Sep 1685 28 Mar 1686 d at 6 months
William 21 Apr 1687 22 Mar 1688 d at 11 months
Mary 13 Aug 1688 21 May 1689 d at 9 months
Utrick 26 Sep 1689 15 Oct 1690 d at 1 yr & 3 weeks
THOMAS 19 Mar 1690 He lived until 1754
Mathias 19 Mar 1690 12 Jun 1691 d at 15 months
Matthew 19 Jun 1692 2 Apr 1693 d at 9 months
John 9 Oct 1693 14 Oct 1694 d at one year
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